What “Torch 1975” means?

Year 1975 marks the end of the Vietnam War. It also represents the Vietnam Veterans generation, who, unfortunately, were unwelcomed when they came home. Torch 1975 Inc brings the light of good things and bridges the gaps of all Veteran generations, to ensure “No Veteran Eras left behind”, as was the case of our Vietnam Veterans generation.


Torch 1975 Inc envisions a national commitment of honor and respect for the sacrifice of those who serve in “the all volunteer” United States Armed Forces. We aspire to become the premier charitable organization nation-wide to support Veterans and their families by advocating for veteran issues, fostering patriotism, responsible citizenship, promoting family values, and providing educational and leadership opportunities that uphold the ideals of freedom and democracy.


Torch 1975 Inc mobilizes political will, generous contributions, and material resources to ensure “first call for Veterans & their families” – a priority no one should ignore.

 Key Services

  • Military Art Educational Workshops
  • Patriotic Art Contests
  • Marriage Awards for Military Couples
  • Scholarships and Assistance for Military Kids
  • Transitional Mentor for Pre-Deployment, Post-Deployment, and leaving Active Duty
  • Encouraging Veterans to actively involved themselves as public servants

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